The Fine Wines Group has continued to evolve over the years and broadened its scope of supply and operations to match customer expectations. This has seen the business successfully expand into the Spirits & Beer markets and currently operates 18 stores across Limerick, Cork, Dublin, Clare, Galway and Kerry.

Today Fine Wines employs over 100 people across 19 locations including at Group Head Office in Limerick. The Management team and Staff are trained in all aspects of service delivery and have a vast knowledge and passion for the Wine, Beer and Spirits industry.

As well as maintaining long-standing relationships with multinational brand leaders, Fine Wines prides itself in supporting Local Craft Beer and Spirit suppliers which has become such an important part of the Off Licence Sector.

Whilst moving with trends has been significant, the Group still recognizes the importance of being grounded and retaining a connection to its roots and to this day continues to import its own range of wines directly from Vineyards around the world. The sourcing and importing of products does not stop with wines the Group also utilises an extensive network to import a broad range of beers directly from suppliers across Europe.

To further compliment our business model Fine Wines has long been established in the Corporate Gifting sector with the Group growing and developing this offering over the last 30 years. Fine Wines main production and distribution hub is located at the Fine Wines Party Store in the Delta Retail Park Limerick. 

"Fine Wines National Off Licence Group strives to provide, respectful, conscientious, convenient and professional services to all our customers.  Providing our customers with an extensive brand led product range along with, valued alternatives in the constantly changing, trend driven industry."