Party Night box 6 bottle


Party Night box 6 bottle contains French Classics

Ropiteau Sauvignon Blanc 750ml (2 bottles)

Soft, well-structured, mouth-filling, a sweet, close-knit tannins and acidity in harmony with structure, richness and concentration; long, lingering, fruity finish, with wild berry flavours, merging with notes of spice.

Ropiteau Pinot Noir 750ml (2 bottles)

Deep red in colour with ruby highlights.  Warm on the nose with red fruits, peach, toast, vanilla and coconut. Full-bodied on the palate with flavours of cherry blackcurrant and liquorice

Ropiteau Merlot 750ml (2 bottles)

Beautiful ruby red color with purple reflections. The aroma of wine is dominated by notes of black currant, cherry and raspberry jam.

This wine is well balance with red berry fruit flavors and a touch of spice, velvety tannin's on the palate with a long finish.


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